Innovation now.

    Nextdoor is a consultancy for innovation and investment. When 11 years ago innovation was an abstract term in Bulgaria, we were already working on ambitious projects with clients, creating tangible change.

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    About us / Why are we here


    To be innovative means to look for new solutions, instead of copying existing ones. To imagine the future and have a plan to get there, instead of focusing only on the present. To anticipate and shape trends, instead of reacting to them. To aim at working alongside with creative, not complacent employees.


    In today's world, the most precious resource for companies and organizations is their ability to foster and cultivate change into a way of working and profit from it. We at Nextdoor enable this to happen.


    As investment consultants and professional intermediaries in various projects we have worked with Bulgarian and foreign companies in energy, renewables, transport, sustainable logging and forestry, food production, medical development, real estate, cosmetics, telecommunications and construction.

  • Clients / We go one step further


    This is a selection of our Bulgarian and international clients, who have been working with us on a diverse number of innovation and investment projects.

  • Partners and projects / Forging the future together


    We have started and continue participating in key projects, networks and organizations supporting and developing the business and innovation environment in Bulgaria.

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    Fostering an open community for innovation, developing effective models for digitization and intelligent solutions


    Nextdoor is a co-founder of Innocenter Bulgaria and acted as coordinator for two years since its inception in January 2018.

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    Supporting the business and social-cultural relations between Bulgaria and Singapore


    Nextdoor is a key parnter for BSiP in pinpointing promising Bulgarian businesses for the Asian market, as well as heling investors in Singapore to discover the potential of Southeastern Europe.

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    Developing an ever more dynamic and successful economic policy


    Nextdoor is a member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce - a leading business organization with more than 40 years of history.

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    Transforming education and learning in the key childhood development years


    Nextdoor is supporting Red Paper Plane - a social innovation, creating project-based learning with design thinking for families and schools. Their "missions" are part of the everyday life of thousands of families and are a core element of the after-school activities of over 300 teachers and 6,000 schoolchildren all over Bulgaria.

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    Creating new ways to discover birds and get closer to nature


    Nextdoor is a supporter of Sofia Bird Walks - a new kind of initiative to make birds and birding accessible to people. They are building an active comminity of enthusiasts by organising free and open bird walks, publishing interactive online materials for bird identification and knowledge, producing online courses, podcasts and other formats.

  • Team / Experience with а wide palette of challenges


    We have a small and dynamic core team, empowered by a network of select companies and organizations. This enables us to be both flexible and provide significant added value for our clients.

    Nikolai Kamov is the Managing Partner of Nextdoor. Before entering the domain of business and innovation, he had a successful political career. He was an elected MP in five consecutive parliaments, Chariman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, the first co-chair of the Joint Parliamentary Committee Bulgaria-European Union and the Head of the Bulgarian parliament delegation in the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. He founded and acted as Chairman of the Social Democrats Political Movement for nine years. He is also the founder and board member of a number of non-governmental organizations.


    Mariya Angelova is Nextdoor's representative in Singapore.


    Nextdoor is in a close partnership with a select number of business associations, banks, financial institutions, investment funds, European funds consultants, as well as law, accounting and audit firms that assist us in our work.

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  • Contact / Get in touch with us

    If you would like to discover opportunities to work together with us, use this form to get in touch with our team.