The old solutions are not working.
It is time for new ones.

Nextdoor is an innovation consultancy that enables you to embrace change as a way of doing business and profit from it.

We give you a different point of view on your business. We provide you with information, ideas and solutions and assist you in the creation of products and services which stand out in the market. We help you become different, fascinating, remarkable and irreplaceable for your clients and partners.

Nextdoor. Innovation now

Innovation and change

Innovation is developing ideas that are changing our world.
Innovation is a way of doing something better than ever.
Innovation is not an activity. It`s a way of doing business.

To be innovative means:

Innovation leads to change. This change is uncomfortable. Difficult. Risky. Unpredictable. Unknown. And absolutely necessary. Because the most precious resource in today`s world is to embrace change as a way of doing business and profit from it.

Nextdoor helps such change and innovation happen.


Who we are

Nextdoor is a limited liability company (LLC) for innovation and investment consulting, created by Nikolai Kamov and Georgi Kamovin 2009. Based in Bulgaria, we facilitate the international exchange of innovative solutions. We help companies and organizations to think and act innovatively. We help you find investors for new projects. We work together with like-minded partners to face challenges.

Nextdoor’s partners come from diverse areas and industries: education, energy, automotive, construction, railway infrastructure, food manufacturing and bioproducts, mining, wedding dresses and formal clothing, online job search, life insurance, medical technology and foreign investments in Bulgaria.

Nextdoor has established connections with companies in over 50 countries – people and organizations who implement innovative solutions in a variety of fields. This network is readily available to all our clients.


What we offer

“We do it better than everyone else” is no longer enough.
It is time to replace it with “No one else does what we do”.

We offer a clear and structured way for this to happen, as we aid companies and organizations welcome innovation using four ‘doors’:

This process takes place with the help of three key steps:

Nextdoor helps you to:


How we work

We work independently and we always strive to find the right approach for you – regardless whether you are an established company or a startup.

Our work is practical and we direct our efforts to tangible, visible results. After all, innovation should be profitable and it should move your business forward.

We make sure we are well prepared to meet your needs by conducting a thorough research in advance.

We work openly and we always aim at engaging experts and clients into the process of searching for new ideas. Innovation is effective when it is open to the environment around you.

We work in complete discretion.


Projects and partners

The following are examples of the innovation projects we have developed so far:

As investment consultants and intermediaries for project implementation, we have worked together with Bulgarian as well as foreign companies in the fields of energy, renewable energy sources, transport, logging, manufacturing of foods and bioproducts, real estate, cosmetics, telecommunications and construction.

Among our partners are organizations for higher education, education centres and scientific institutes; Bulgarian and foreign NGOs; banks and financial institutions; investment funds such as Expat Capital, VTB Capital, Karoll, Amphora Capital, Palladium Capital and networks such as the Bulgarian Business Angels Network (BBAN); law firms such as Georgiev, Todorov and Co. and Dimitrov, Petrov and Co.; experts in accounting and audit such as Baker Tilly and RSM-BX and consultants for EU projects such as NEW-i.

We are members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria and the Innovation Council at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We are among the founders of the Foresight Community in Bulgaria.


Contact us

You can get in touch with Nikolai Kamov (Manager) at, with Maria Kamova (Representative in Singapore) at, with Magdalena Kamova (Office Manager) at or call us at +359 2 843 54 33.

You can take a look at our blog Go Nextdoor, follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page. You can also download all information available on this website as a pdf file.